You are not alone!

Its rough out here in relationship land especially if you are over 40.

Why?  Well, there is marriage, divorce, kids, finances, careers and Oh Yeah, we’re not as young as we used to be.

You may have tried internet dating, friend introductions, church, bars, healths clubs and even the super market. Are you wondering, “Where are the possibilities? Where are all the nice guys? Are they all losers, broke, co-dependent, self absorbed?”

I’m here to tell you, the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. When you are happy, you are able to offer happy to others. Soooooo

I am going to spend the next year dating 100 men.

Yup, 100

And I am not talking about handsome millionaires either. Actually, if a handsome millionaire applies, I will date him too-at least once but what I’m really talking about here is stepping out of my comfort zone, being open to the possibilities, putting it out to the universe.

I faithfully vow to open myself up to men that I would otherwise reject as “not my type”.

  What’s the problem with my type you ask? Well… besides the fact that I haven’t had a date in 4 years? Not that I’ve made an effort. I haven’t. Not that I am unattractive, I’m probably above average. Not that I am a loser, I actually have some pretty good stuff going on. Not that I don’t want to date, I mean, I guess I do.

So what’s the trouble? Me thinks the trouble is me. So, join me as I explore the perils and pitfalls of dating and relationships in my time of maturity and let’s see how mature I can really be hmmmm?

Let’s share.

Love ya,




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